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How much do hearing aids cost?

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There are many factors that contribute to the cost of a hearing aid, and sometimes people think they can be too expensive. This is mostly due to a lack of understanding around the types of hearing aids and the cost of developing hearing aids, as well as the highly skilled clinicians that fit the devices.

In most countries, there is a range of costs of hearing aids, based on the level of technology that is purchased, just like when other technological devices are purchased - the more the features, the higher the price. Hearing aids, unlike other technological devices though, should be seen as an investment and something that will significantly improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Often the cost of the hearing aid will include the initial hearing test, the fitting, warranty and also ongoing service, because hearing aids need to be adjusted initially, until they are at the right levels, specific to your hearing.

The general range of a hearing aid will be from around $500 to $6000, depending on what kind of subsidies you may get, which is covered in more detail below.

Is there support available to the cost?

In Australia, there are some options you may be able to take advantage of to reduce the cost of the hearing aids:

If you have a Private Health Fund, you may be able to claim back some of the cost of the hearing aid - talk to your provider for further information before making an appointment.

If you are an eligible Australian Pensioner, you are entitled to free hearing aids and heavily subsidised batteries and maintenance, and you can also get a better quality hearing aid if you wish to contribute some of your own funds on top of the amount the Australian Government will contribute. Best to contact the Office of Hearing Services for further information or your local hearing provider.

Worker’s Compensation is also an option if you have workplace noise induced hearing loss. Contact Workcover in your state for further information.

Also, many hearing providers offer payment plans or loans to buy hearing aids, which makes the cost more affordable.

What contributes to the cost?

As well as the topics covered above, significant research and development goes into the production of hearing aids. The technology is designed to replicate human hearing, which is a very intricate sense. The people that fit the hearing aids are highly educated and trained, which means that their time is also added to the cost of the hearing aids, as well as the cost of running a hearing aid shop, like any other business.

Why are some hearing aids more expensive than others?

Hearing aids vary so much in what features they offer, as well as whether the technology is newer or older. Some manufacturers produce a new level of technology every 2 years or even sooner, which means that consumer’s benefit from them getting better and better. You can go for a more basic model, but there is much more than just ‘turning the volume up’ in improving hearing.

There are also varying sizes and styles of hearing aids, with different technology inside. But rest assured, the more you pay, the better the technology is and the better your hearing improvement will be.

Why are hearing aids online for cheaper?

You may see hearing aids online for cheaper than what you may pay if you have one fitted by a qualified clinician. This is something to be wary of - it would be like buying reading glasses online without knowing your prescription and having nobody to help you adjust it to suit your vision.

The process of improving hearing with a hearing aid can take many visits to a qualified clinician who will change the settings every visit to suit your specific needs, so to buy a device online with none of this support would be a very bad decision, and it is this very important ongoing support that adds to the cost of hearing aids.

Also, warranty and ongoing services will not be included, so if something goes wrong, you have no way of rectifying the situation. The same goes for buying hearing aids overseas.

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