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How much do hearing aids cost?

Many factors influence the costs of hearing aids

​Modern hearing aids are high tech devices that give you back the joy of hearing. Years of research and development have led to incredible advances in hearing technology. This means you can take advantage of devices that are more effective than ever before.

In most countries, there is a range of hearing aid costs based on the level of technology involved. Just like any other technological device - the more features, the higher the cost. Hearing aids should be seen as an investment that pays off by improving your life and the lives of those around you.

In general, modern hearing aids cost between $500 to $6000. The total cost also depends on any subsidies you may be entitled to.

Hearing aid prices

Is there support available to reduce the cost?

In Australia, there are options available to reduce the cost of hearing aids:

  • If you have a Private Health Fund, you may be able to claim back some of the cost. Talk to your provider for further information before making an appointment.
  • If you are an eligible Australian Pensioner, you are entitled to free hearing aids, batteries and maintenance. You may also get a better quality hearing aid if you wish to contribute some of your own funds to the purchase. Contact the Office of Hearing Services or your local hearing provider for more information.
  • Worker’s Compensation is an option if you have workplace noise induced hearing loss. Contact Workcover in your state for further information.
  • Many hearing providers offer payment plans or loans to buy hearing aids, which makes the cost more affordable.

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What contributes to the cost?

A high level of research and development go into the production of hearing aids. The technology is designed to replicate human hearing, which is a very intricate process. A large amount of effort was required to produce the devices we have today. Hearing aids are smaller, lighter and more effective than ever before. Plus, the hearing professionals that fit the hearing aids are highly trained which also figures into the overall cost.

Why are some hearing aids more expensive than others?

​Hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, features and technology options. Some manufacturers produce new technology every two years or so, which means a continuously updated consumer benefit. Very basic models might not offer the quality found in more advanced devices. There’s much more to optimal hearing than simply ‘turning up the volume’.

Why are some hearing aids online cheaper?

You may have seen hearing aids online that cost less than what you might pay to be fitted by a qualified clinician. But be careful. Would you buy eyeglasses online without knowing your prescription and without anybody to help make adjustments to fit?

Achieving better hearing health may require several visits to a qualified clinician who adjusts your settings to meet your needs. Buying a device online puts you at risk of having a poorly functioning device without professional support. If your goal is to hear better, then it makes sense to do it right. Also, online or overseas vendors may not offer a warranty and ongoing services.

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Did you know?

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