How does a hearing aid work?

Thanks to miniature technology, modern hearing aids work better than ever.

They’re so small, other people might not even notice you’re wearing one.

Hearing aid technology has rapidly advanced

Hearing devices are barely noticeable, yet they dramatically improve your hearing. The way they work is simple: the device receives sound waves from the environment, then amplifies them and transmits them to your ear. The end result is much better hearing.

​Imagine being able to understand what people are saying even in a crowded restaurant or in traffic. What’s more, hearing aids pick up soft sounds you may currently rarely hear – such as birds singing or cats purring.

Improve your quality of life

Modern hearing aids improve your quality of life by recovering the ability to communicate and allowing you to enjoy sounds you thought were long gone.

And it gets even better. Want to enjoy a band at a live concert? Listen to football commentary on the radio without missing any of the action? Hear the lyrics to your favourite song clearly on your mobile phone? Or make a phone call that’s relaxed instead of strained? There’s no challenge too great for today’s modern hearing aids.


Advantages of modern hearing aids

Small, unobtrusive and nearly invisible

Easy to use technology

Comfortable fit - small, light and perfectly adapted

Improved speech comprehension thanks to superior programs and filters

No noisy feedback

Wireless connectivity with TVs, mobile phones, etc. (read more below)

Longer battery life thanks to energy-saving technology. Rechargeable hearing aids are also available

Did you know?

Modern hearing aids can perform more than 552 million operations a second.

Connected to the world

Today’s hearing aids can connect wirelessly via radio (FM) or Bluetooth to multimedia devices. For instance, they can transmit the audio signal from a Bluetooth enabled smart TV or a smartphone directly to your hearing aid.

This is made possible by small accessories connected to the signal source which transmit the audio signal directly to the hearing aid. In this way, hearing aids operate just like wireless multi-function headphones. Now you can watch TV and talk on the phone without missing anything important.

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