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How does a hearing aid work?

Modern hearing aids are technological wonders that offer maximum benefits in a small size. They improve quality of life by opening up new access to auditory sensations believed to be lost.

Hearing aid technology has progressed rapidly in recent years. Bulky and unsightly products that are unpleasant to wear are a thing of the past. Modern hearing systems are barely noticeable, yet they can be extremely beneficial to the wearer.

First and foremost, hearing aids allow people with a hearing impairment better speech understanding - even in noisy surroundings, such as restaurants or in traffic. What’s more, they pick up sounds long considered lost due to hearing loss - such as birds singing or cats purring. In a nutshell, modern hearing aids considerably improve quality of life by improving the ability to communicate and providing access to auditory sensations believed to be lost.

And it gets even better! Do you want to enjoy a band at a live concert? Listen to football commentary on the radio without missing any plays? Hear the lyrics to your favourite song clearly on your on your mobile phone? Or make a phone call that’s relaxed instead of strained? There’s no challenge too great for today’s hearing aids!

Advantages of modern hearing aids

  • Small, unobtrusive and virtually invisible
  • Easy to use technology
  • Comfortable fit - small, light and perfectly adapted
  • Improved speech comprehension thanks to sophisticated programs and filters
  • No feedback
  • Wireless transmission from TVs, mobile phones etc.
  • Considerably longer battery life than a few years ago thanks to optimised, energy-saving technology
  • Rechargeable hearing aids are also available so you'll never have to change a battery again
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Connected to the world

Digital hearing aids can connect wirelessly via radio (FM) or Bluetooth to multimedia devices. For instance, they can transmit the audio signal from a TV or a caller’s voice from their phone directly to the hearing aid.

This is made possible by small accessories connected to the signal source which transmit the audio signal directly to the hearing aid. In this way, the hearing aids take over the role of wireless multi-function headphones.

Hearing aid guide

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Did you know?

People with hearing loss often avoid social situations. Fortunately, modern hearing solutions can be used in sports and everyday activities.

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