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Sleek, small & versatile – find out what modern hearing aids can do.

Features like Bluetooth connectivity make life easier. Be confident again!

For anyone with hearing difficulty, today’s technology offers an amazing range of choices. Now more people enjoy better hearing than ever before.

A clunky beige banana behind the ear with distorted noise was the image of a hearing aid for a long time. Today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern hearing devices are very small, even invisible to others. These days hearing aids provide a more natural listening experience.

State of the art technology now offers a hearing aid system that analyses your sound environment every 0.4 seconds. It optimises and fine tunes your hearing in real time. You don’t have to do anything - just enjoy the sound.


A wide selection of colors and designs

Today's’ hearing aids come in sleek, lightweight glass fiber housings. You can choose from vibrant color patterns or more conservative shades. As far as shapes and designs go, there’s an option for everyone. For example, you might try an invisible, in-ear device (IED). Even today’s external models look more like a fashion accessory than a hearing aid. For outside the ear devices, try a behind-the-ear (BTE) device or a receiver-in-canal (RIC) model.

Hearing aid comparison
Small hearing aid behind the ear

Do you already wear hearing aids?

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Did you know?

Real-time transmission, automatic fitting, and wireless connectivity are just a few ways modern hearing aids improve your everyday life. Find out how you can benefit from a hearing aid.

Cutting edge digital technology in a small size

Perhaps technology is the most impressive aspect of these tiny modern marvels. Consider this: 45 million transistors, packaged in 65-nanometer chip technology, guarantee the hearing system performs 552 million operations per second. It’s like wearing a miniature computer to help you hear better.

The benefits? For starters, real-time transmission provides better speech comprehension. Now, you don’t have to miss out on anything at gatherings or noisy restaurants. Advanced technology also eliminates the need for awkward manual adjustments. The device software recognises environmental changes and adapts automatically. One great example of this is when driving. By suppressing engine noise, your hearing aid makes having a conversation in a car much easier.

Small hearing aid
Cell phone hearing aid wireless connectivity

Interaction through wireless connectivity

Another amazing modern hearing aid feature is wireless connectivity. Take advantage of a direct connection to radio (FM) or Bluetooth signals with excellent transmission quality. Imagine your mobile phone transmitting the caller’s voice directly to your hearing aids - hands free. This also works with smart TVs, MP3 players, computers and more.

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