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Small, powerful - and now rechargeable too.

No more batteries to buy and replace.

Nobody likes having to deal with changing batteries. Hearing aid users are no different, but thankfully there’s a solution.

Why not charge your hearing aids just as easily as your mobile phone? The latest lithium-ion batteries make this possible, and a single charge may last up to 24 hours. Now you don’t have to waste time and money buying replacement batteries. If you’re a frequent traveller, no need to remember to carry spare batteries either. Plus, no more frustration losing or fumbling around with tiny batteries.

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Rechargeable hearing aids

Each night you simply place your hearing aids in the charging station. The next day, the batteries are fully charged. Even if you forget to charge your hearing device overnight, it’s not a problem. Short charging times and mobile charging options let you enjoy your freedom to the fullest. This is all thanks to advanced lithium-ion battery technology, which is 40 per cent more powerful than conventional batteries. Also, the rechargeable batteries maintain their capacity even after years of use.

Lithium-ion batteries also eliminate the need for battery disposal. Somebody wearing hearing aids on both ears would use around 500 conventional zinc-air batteries over five years. That’s a lot of trips to buy replacements. The new rechargeable hearing aids are not only user-friendly, but they’re also environmentally-friendly.

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