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Small, powerful - and now rechargeable too.

Now you can recharge your hearing aids just like your mobile phone.

Rechargeable hearing aid

As powerful as hearing aid batteries are, battery changeovers are often annoying.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you always need to remember to carry spare batteries. What’s more, as dexterity decreases with age, changing tiny batteries can become difficult. So why not charge your hearing aids just as easily as your mobile phone? The latest hearing aid generation with lithium-ion batteries makes this possible: once charged, the hearing aids offer up to 24 hours of listening pleasure.

Just put your hearing aids into the charging station in the evening and they’ll be ready the next day. Nowadays, there are charging stations on the market which you can also use as a dry box and protective hard case for your batteries. If you forget to charge them overnight or are out longer than expected, this is not a problem. Thanks to their short charging times and mobile charging options, rechargeable hearing aid batteries are very flexible (they even come without an external power source), so that you can enjoy your freedom to the full. Behind this is a new type of lithium-ion battery technology, which is 40 per cent more powerful than conventional batteries and does not lose capacity even after years of regular use.

An extra benefit: In addition to regular battery replacement, lithium-ion batteries also eliminate the need for battery disposal. Somebody who wears hearing aids on both ears would use around 500 zinc-air batteries over five years. The new rechargeable hearing aids are therefore not only user-friendly, but also environmentally-friendly.

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Did you know?

Some rechargeable hearing aids allow you go a full 24 hours on a single charge.

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