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Steps to better hearing.

Do you experience hearing loss? Which hearing device is right for you?

In order to be able to answer these questions correctly, the hearing care professional looking after you will conduct an initial consultation to assess your hearing and lifestyle.

The most important steps to healthy hearing.

1. Arrange an appointment.

Make an appointment without any obligation, including a free hearing test.

Audiologist hearing test

2. Free visit to a hearing care professional near you.

Your hearing professional will explain how modern hearing devices can assist with hearing loss.  They will perform an otoscopy and a comprehensive hearing test during the initial consultation. Both examinations are straightforward and pain free. In the otoscopy, your hearing professional will check whether your ear canals and eardrums are healthy, and whether a blockage in the ear canal is caused, for example, by foreign bodies or excess earwax. You will wear a set of headphones and two tests will take place. In the first test, different sounds will be played at certain pitches (frequency) and volume, in order to precisely determine your hearing levels. This is followed by a speech intelligibility test, which determines how well you hear spoken words at a defined volume. You will be asked to repeat what you have understood, and the discrepancy between what was played and what you heard provides insight into your hearing ability.

3. Test hearing devices without any obligation.

Due to the comprehensive needs analysis, which covers the otoscopy, hearing test and your individual wishes and requirements, your hearing care professional will talk to you about suitable hearing devices. You can then trial the hearing device for two weeks, testing how it assists in everyday situations.

Woman trying hearing aids
ENT doctor checking ear

4. Fine tuning.

The hearing device chosen by you will be individually programmed and adjusted by the hearing professional based on your type of hearing loss. With a sleek design, modern hearing aids are extremely discreet and hardly noticeable.

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