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Steps to better hearing.

Troubled by hearing loss? Learn how to get back in the conversation.

Four simple steps to healthy hearing.

1. Arrange an appointment.

Most of the time, hearing loss does not occur suddenly - instead, it’s a gradual process. Still, if you wait until it’s too late, your problem may not be treatable. As soon as you notice any sign of hearing loss, you should consult with a hearing professional right away.

Set up a no-obligation appointment, including a free hearing test. Just call 1300 209 826 (9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri).

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Visit a hearing care professional

2. Visit a hearing care professional near you. It’s free.

When you arrive to your appointment, your hearing professional will ask you questions about your hearing. Then a special instrument, called an otoscope, will be used to examine your ears. You’ll also have a comprehensive hearing test. The otoscopy allows your hearing professional to examine your eardrums or to check for blockage due to earwax or foreign bodies. The entire process is painless.

The hearing exam actually has two parts, and you’ll wear headphones while being tested. For the first part, different sounds will be played at various pitches (frequency) and volume. This precisely determines your hearing levels. The second part is a speech intelligibility test - this evaluates how well you hear spoken words. You’ll be asked to repeat some words you hear through the headphones. The difference between what was played and what you understood helps further determine your hearing ability.

3. Try modern hearing devices without any obligation.

Your Comprehensive Needs Analysis includes the otoscopy, hearing test and your individual wishes and requirements. Based on this information, your hearing care professional will go over which hearing devices might help you. You can try out the hearing device - with no obligation to buy. This free trial lets you decide if the device helps you hear better in everyday situations.

Try out hearing aids

Sudden hearing loss

What is it? Who does it affect? Find out about sudden hearing loss.

Fine tuning your hearing aids

4. Fine tuning.

Your hearing device will be individually programmed and adjusted based on your type of hearing loss. Thanks to a sleek modern design, today’s hearing aids are very discreet. Others might not even notice you’re wearing a hearing aid. You’ll notice only because your hearing will be that much better.