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What can you expect from your hearing aids?

Learn about hearing aid benefits and limitations. Better hearing means a better quality of life.

A well-adapted, modern hearing aid helps you understand speech better in noisy environments. The devices even have automatic programming that adjusts to different situations. Today’s hearing aids minimise static noise, and there’s no annoying feedback. State of the art technology has returned the joy of hearing to thousands, just like you.

How severe is your hearing loss?

How much a hearing aid can help you depends on the severity and duration of your hearing loss. In general, the more severe the problem, the greater the demand placed upon the device.

Here’s the good news: Modern hearing aids can compensate for severe and complex hearing problems – or at least reduce them noticeably.

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Did you know?

A modern hearing system significantly improves your quality of life. In Australia, there are several options to reduce the cost of the hearing aids.

When and where do you want to hear as clearly as possible?

Hearing difficulty is more apparent in places with lots of noise and voices, like in a pub, restaurant or on the bus. However, depending on your lifestyle, other priorities might be very specific. For example, you might want optimal musical enjoyment, better hearing outdoors or improved cell phone conversations.

Find a device that lets you to hear as clearly as possible in the listening situations important to you.

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Adjust your device to fit your needs perfectly.

A properly adjusted hearing aid will offer you maximum benefits. Choosing and customising a hearing device takes time and patience, but the rewards are worth it. A hearing care professional can help you identify the hearing aid and settings specific to your needs.

Hearing aid guide

Our Hearing Aid Guide was written for you.

Learn about Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss and more.

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