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What can you expect from your hearing aids?

The following points should help you to have realistic expectations about your future hearing aids. This is the first step towards a better quality of life.

A well-adapted, modern hearing aid helps wearers understand speech better in noisy environments. It has automatic programs for different hearing situations, suppresses static noise and is free from annoying feedback. This means a considerable improvement in hearing – and thus quality of life.

How severe is your hearing loss?

The extent to which a hearing aid can restore hearing function is largely dependent on the severity of the hearing loss and how long it has already existed. As a general rule, the more severe the hearing loss, the greater the requirements for the hearing aid.

Here’s the good news: Modern hearing aids can cope with severe and complex hearing problems – or at least reduce them noticeably.

Which hearing situations do you want to hear as clearly as possible in?

Declining hearing is most apparent in noisy environments with lots of voices, e.g. in a pub or on the bus. However, depending on your lifestyle, your priorities may lie elsewhere, for example optimum musical enjoyment or hearing outdoors. It is important in this regard to find a device that allows you to hear as clearly as possible in the most important listening situations for you and above all enables good speech understanding.

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How much time are you willing to invest to solve your hearing problem?

Only a perfectly adjusted and customised hearing aid can offer maximum benefits. Choosing and customising a hearing aid is an elaborate process which takes time and patience. To find the optimal hearing aid and the ideal settings, several visits to a hearing care professional are required.

Hearing aid guide

Our Hearing Aid Guide was written for you.

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Did you know?

Hearing impairments are ranked third among health problems worldwide and are therefore one of the most common chronic health problems. Approximately 800 million people worldwide are affected and this number is rising. However, many sufferers wait first instead of acting.

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